The Laptop Lifestyle Is It Possible to Achieve?

The Laptop Lifestyle Is It Possible to Achieve?

The laptop lifestyle is possible to achieve it’s a simple concept in theory. It’s an opportunity to have a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection so you can create a remote business and earn money online, that sounds simple enough.

I know that a lot of business claims that it is easy to achieve and that it could be done with little effort to make your dreams come true. What’s happening is, that they are playing with our emotions, and our ignorance because they know that you are tired and fed up with the hustle and bustle of coming to work on Mondays and seeing those depressed faces and having to deal with crazy attitudes from work colleagues, so early in the morning. We are also fed up with the daily stressors of commuting back and forward to work and reliving those happy moments stuck in traffic.

With the only hope of relief, you have is making it to Friday so you can get away and spend quality time with family and friends, and all for what? To live paycheck to paycheck, working tirelessly for someone else, so that they can live their best life. These are some of the reasons why the Laptop Lifestyle sounds so incredibly appealing.

Laptop Lifestyle Visual

Have you ever thought of a lifestyle where you were in control of your hours, days you wanted to work, the places you wanted to live, or even visualized working from a villa in the Bahamas, or some remote area in the world?

Here’s the thing, a lot of companies know this, that’s why companies like Melaleuca, MOBE and other companies make claims that you can live the laptop lifestyle with just a computer and the internet. I fell into this trap by these companies.

Here’s what happens I’ll make it simple. I was a member of a company and I believed that the Laptop Lifestyle was just around the corner with all the hype, bright lights, and starstruck gurus felling my minds with the illusion of how great my lifestyle was going to be after the pieces of training or what I thought was training. Only to find out that most of these training were seminars to get more money out of us, so we could reach the highest position in the company “Diamond” where all the magic was supposed to happen.

Damage Laptop Lifestyle Dreams

Most people lost a substantial amount of money somewhere in the $100s of thousands of dollars.  I know this is because a member of the support group, which was helping members recoup their money, at least some of it. Thank God for the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission to come and shut them down, or I would be in that high dollar bracket too.

Damage Laptop Lifestyle Dreams

Indirectly I was affected by another company through my sister-in-law was a member of Melaleuca Wellness Company she was doing pretty good from what I was told. 

The reason she was doing so well, was part of Melaleuca’s training members had to target/refer family members and friends.  Her siblings were very supportive of her, which helped her move up quickly in the company while making good money.

But it wouldn’t last because in order for her to keep her status she had to keep buying more products or recruiting more family members and friends to sell to.

Some family members joined, but we waited. I can’t refer a product or a business venture to someone unless I tried it for myself and I was satisfied with it, also I personally just went through a crazy ordeal myself.

I do believe there are good companies out there who would support and help their members become successful and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

We did try a lot of Melaleuca products and some we like and others we didn’t care for.  My wife and I felt the product was very high quality, and a little bit pricey for our budget.

After a while, my sister-in-law ran out of family members and friends, and our homes were so full of unused Melaleuca products we had to stop buying.

One reason we didn’t care for the Melaleuca program was that we would have to make or sell 35 points worth of product for about $70 every month to keep our position in the company. So my wife quit the business it wasn’t for us.

I did an article on Melaleuca on the website

Here’s the URL  below: (https://whatisthereviewofwealthyaffiliate.com/what-is-melaleuca-wellness-company-all-about-review)

The Laptop Lifestyle Is It Possible to Achieve?

Possible, YES! All you need is your laptop to work from and most importantly a reliable WIFI connection, that’s what they say.

I think it is possible to live the Laptop Lifestyle, but you are going to need a little bit more than a laptop and an internet connection. There are some skills and knowledge you have to acquire before the lifestyle magic can truly happen and last.

You need a successful platform to follow. One that teaches you about SEO, Web Development, Blogger, Affiliate Marketing, some Graphic Designer, I say Coaches. Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, Social Media Expert, and much more. With all this, you might have a pretty good chance of being successful.

Here’s what else I think would be an important factor to anyone trying to reach this plateau: to have a support team, a community of people going through what you are going through, and some that have been there and done that. Also, a support system that helps you 24/7, would make a difference and be a big support.

Plus, the plan shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to make money or hold a position within the company,  Right!

Now, I’ve never been a big fan of “Do it for You Platforms” where you invest and they do the work or other platforms that don’t allow you to get the knowledge and experience so if anything goes wrong or if you decide to go out in your own direction you could be successful.

Possible Companies to Achieve The Laptop lifestyle Dream

Final Thoughts

The laptop Lifestyle concept in theory is achievable with a little more understanding of how things work and dedication to oneself it can be done. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is even more powerful because there’s action behind what you know and do. There are a lot of avenues one can take to reach this goal, such as Freelance where you get paid for your talent, Consultant sharing your ideas to enhance someone’s life or business. These positions and others like these are tied to your work much like being self-employed.

The laptop lifestyle I’m referring to allows you to escape from being trapped in your work if your choose to take time away. The type of online business where the business can stand alone if it needs to. Robert T. Kiyosaki said it best by illustrating his Cashflow Quadrant E=Employee (you have a Job), S=Self-Employed (you own a Job), B-Business Ower (you own a system), I=Investor (you own investments), True Laptop Lifestyle. This is what my number one recommendation does for you it gives you the tools to live in each category if you so choices and a way out of the hustle and bustle of True Laptop Lifestyle

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